Adventure Lunch – Main Street Pizza And Pasta


SAN ANTONIO – This week your Lunchfotainment professionals stopped by an old college haunt, Main Street Pizza and Pasta, with special guests Monica and Anet in tow.

  1. If you attended San Antonio College, you ate at Main Street. If you’ve never eaten there, well then you didn’t really go to SAC, son.
  2. Putting spinach on a pizza disturbs Bob to no end because its not a “traditional” pizza topping. And by that he probably means he finds it un-American.
  3. Cannelloni =/= cannoli. Main Street has cannelloni, but they don’t have cannolis.
  4. At an Italian restaurant, you should only have Italian dressing on your salad. Only if you’re eating at a ranch is ranch dressing acceptable.
  5. When it comes to malt liquor, chicks like Mickey’s.
  6. According to Monica, “nostalgia is the best flavor ever.”
  7. Also, Monica calls the discarded crust “pizza bones.”
  8. Don’t be alarmed if a truck from Guillermo’s pulls up to Main Street: their owners are brothers.
  9. Bob actually forgot Main Street Pizza was on Main Street.
  10. “Hey man, I puked in my underwear.”

Main Street Pizza and Pasta
1906 N. Main Street
San Antonio, TX 78212

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-Jerrod & Bob


Adventure Lunch – Malt House

SAN ANTONIO – This week your lunch professionals were hoping to discover a West Side diamond in the rough. But sometimes when you look in the rough, all you find is rocks.

  1. The agreement seems to be the Malt House is going to serve cheap food, and the customers aren’t going to expect much.
  2. Jerrod likes the chicken fried chicken. Our friend “Huggy Bear” say the fried chicken is good.
  3. The Pepsi is a perfect combination of syrup and carbonated water. The mashed hpotatoes have a very fashionable yellow color. Some might even call it “egg wash.” (editor’s note: we actually meant “egg shade.” Oops.)
  4. Although you can get a ¼ pound hamburger, fries and a Pepsi for $2.85. It’s not worth it.
  5. The chocolate malt is just a Styrofoam cup full of vanilla soft serve with chocolate sauce on top. Bob couldn’t taste anything resembling malt.
  6. They won’t tell you, but you’re supposed to seat yourself.
  7. The waitress that serves the drive up customers appears to be the only one with personality.
  8. The Malt House is a great place to beg for money if you’re a hobo.
  9. Even though it’s not on the menu, the crispy dog comes highly recommended by Yelp reviewers. It’s a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla, and then deep fried. They serve it with a package of mustard. Wait a few minutes for the grease to drain off and then the tortilla is crunchy.
  10. If you drive a tall vehicle, make sure you don’t bang it into the overhang.

Malt House
115 S. Zarzamora St.
San Antonio, TX 78207

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-Jerrod & Bob

Adventure Lunch – Western Broiler

SAN ANTONIO – The Adventure Lunch team grew by one this week with the addition of chicken pot pie connoisseur Pete Mills. This week’s destination? The near-west side classic Western Broiler.

  1. You must order the biscuits. They’re fresh backed from scratch every morning. While Jerrod likes them with grape jelly, they’re actually best with butter and honey.
  2. The food is so good, a blind guy drove to Western Broiler a few days before our visit. Don’t worry, a waitress drove him home.
  3. Pete says the chicken pot pie is nearly perfect, and he committed the same chicken pot pie-eating mistake that many amateur Adventure Lunchers make.
  4. Ask your waitress to show you photos of the great flood of 1946. Amazing. If your granddad is with you, he’ll point out the Model As.
  5. The place is haunted, but don’t worry: the ghosts only dislike silverware and plates of spaghetti.
  6. No one seems to know why it’s called “Western Broiler” – but we do know it was once called “Wings” and then “Townsends.” Since it’s right next to what used to be Kelly base housing, “Wings” makes total sense. We love that name.
  7. They had to brick over all the windows because hoodlums kept breaking the windows. Now where windows once existed there’s some very intriguing photos and artwork. We’re still trying to figure out the wagon train painting.
  8. Looking for something fun for the boss’s birthday? Bring him to Western Broiler and hire a stripper dressed as a gorilla to sing and dance in his lap.
  9. Yes, there’s a lunch counter. And if you love the sound of trains (like Bob does), this place is for you.
  10. Jerrod prefers all bars be called “beer joints” from now on.

Western Broiler
1319 Frio City Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78226

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-Jerrod, Bob, and Pete.

Adventure Lunch – Rusty Bucket

SAN ANTONIO – This week your favorite lunch professionals went in search of fantastic BBQ, and they were not about to let a goat carcass stapled to the wall stop them.

  1. users voted the Rusty Bucket ribs as the best in San Antonio. And according to Jerrod, Yankees consider all BBQ some kind of pork product.
  2. Jesse recommended the Lone Ranger Sandwich (chicken, brisket and sausage on a bun) and the turkey. We love Jesse.
  3. The Rusty Bucket was opened by two football coaches/teachers, Anthony Annis and Cary Rhodes. They quit their jobs as educators to focus on the restaurant. Now that they’ve successfully launched two locations, they’re ready to return to teaching. If you’re a school district looking for a couple excellent teachers, give Anthony and Cary a call.
  4. The original Rusty Bucket rose from the ashes of a beat up West Side mechanic shop. The ‘09 location is in an old gas station (like all BBQ joints these days).
  5. Seating inside is limited, but they do have the coolest plastic utensil dispenser. The flies outside were annoying.
  6. The meat (and everything else) is cooked in a pit. And we mean everything: from the creamed corn to the cobbler.
  7. The beef jerky is good, but we wish it came in smaller portions.
  8. It’s about time convenience stores update their computer systems so they don’t have to close for a half-hour every night.
  9. Be careful pouring on the BBQ sauce. It’s not molasses-based, so it may be much thinner than you expect.
  10. At one time people used to actually buy what they called a “newspaper” to read about old news.

Rusty Bucket BBQ

6421 Broadway
San Antonio TX 78209

600 Cupples Rd.
San Antonio TX 78237

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-Jerrod and Bob

Adventure Lunch – Checkers Diner

After being denied the opportunity to have chicken and waffles, your Lunchfotainment professionals Bob and Jerrod found themselves at Checkers Diner in this week’s episode of Adventure Lunch.

Here are 10 things we learned…

  1. The grilled chick Acapulco is fantastic – and may even be healthy.
  2. If the wheels on your lawn mower are at different heights, you can cut some pretty interesting designs in your grass.
  3. Browned, crunchy mac & cheese is the best. If you know of a great place for mac & cheese and/or hash browns, please let us know.
  4. Working hypothesis of the break-up of the burgeoning Checkers/410 Diner dynasty: A huge falling out over perfecting the cheese cake.
  5. J’s Chicken & Waffles is now only open on weekends. Also, according to Molly, they serve chicken and waffles at LePeep.
  6. Tanji Patton stole the recipe for Sonora Casserole and posted it online
  7. If you leave “The Secret” as a tip, the waitress will never forget you.
  8. The mean lady keeps coming back to Checkers, and she always apologizes for being mean afterward.
  9. Jerrod has an uncanny knack for winning those weird crane games.
  10. If you want to sponsor our show, Bob will consume your product while Jerrod disses it.

Checkers Diner
13835 Nacogdoches
San Antonio, TX 78217
(210) 651-1990

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-Jerrod & Bob