Adventure Lunch – Main Street Pizza And Pasta


SAN ANTONIO – This week your Lunchfotainment professionals stopped by an old college haunt, Main Street Pizza and Pasta, with special guests Monica and Anet in tow.

  1. If you attended San Antonio College, you ate at Main Street. If you’ve never eaten there, well then you didn’t really go to SAC, son.
  2. Putting spinach on a pizza disturbs Bob to no end because its not a “traditional” pizza topping. And by that he probably means he finds it un-American.
  3. Cannelloni =/= cannoli. Main Street has cannelloni, but they don’t have cannolis.
  4. At an Italian restaurant, you should only have Italian dressing on your salad. Only if you’re eating at a ranch is ranch dressing acceptable.
  5. When it comes to malt liquor, chicks like Mickey’s.
  6. According to Monica, “nostalgia is the best flavor ever.”
  7. Also, Monica calls the discarded crust “pizza bones.”
  8. Don’t be alarmed if a truck from Guillermo’s pulls up to Main Street: their owners are brothers.
  9. Bob actually forgot Main Street Pizza was on Main Street.
  10. “Hey man, I puked in my underwear.”

Main Street Pizza and Pasta
1906 N. Main Street
San Antonio, TX 78212

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-Jerrod & Bob


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