Adventure Lunch – Western Broiler

SAN ANTONIO – The Adventure Lunch team grew by one this week with the addition of chicken pot pie connoisseur Pete Mills. This week’s destination? The near-west side classic Western Broiler.

  1. You must order the biscuits. They’re fresh backed from scratch every morning. While Jerrod likes them with grape jelly, they’re actually best with butter and honey.
  2. The food is so good, a blind guy drove to Western Broiler a few days before our visit. Don’t worry, a waitress drove him home.
  3. Pete says the chicken pot pie is nearly perfect, and he committed the same chicken pot pie-eating mistake that many amateur Adventure Lunchers make.
  4. Ask your waitress to show you photos of the great flood of 1946. Amazing. If your granddad is with you, he’ll point out the Model As.
  5. The place is haunted, but don’t worry: the ghosts only dislike silverware and plates of spaghetti.
  6. No one seems to know why it’s called “Western Broiler” – but we do know it was once called “Wings” and then “Townsends.” Since it’s right next to what used to be Kelly base housing, “Wings” makes total sense. We love that name.
  7. They had to brick over all the windows because hoodlums kept breaking the windows. Now where windows once existed there’s some very intriguing photos and artwork. We’re still trying to figure out the wagon train painting.
  8. Looking for something fun for the boss’s birthday? Bring him to Western Broiler and hire a stripper dressed as a gorilla to sing and dance in his lap.
  9. Yes, there’s a lunch counter. And if you love the sound of trains (like Bob does), this place is for you.
  10. Jerrod prefers all bars be called “beer joints” from now on.

Western Broiler
1319 Frio City Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78226

Got a recommendation, question, or maybe want to join us for lunch? Drop us an email at

-Jerrod, Bob, and Pete.


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