Adventure Lunch – Rusty Bucket

SAN ANTONIO – This week your favorite lunch professionals went in search of fantastic BBQ, and they were not about to let a goat carcass stapled to the wall stop them.

  1. users voted the Rusty Bucket ribs as the best in San Antonio. And according to Jerrod, Yankees consider all BBQ some kind of pork product.
  2. Jesse recommended the Lone Ranger Sandwich (chicken, brisket and sausage on a bun) and the turkey. We love Jesse.
  3. The Rusty Bucket was opened by two football coaches/teachers, Anthony Annis and Cary Rhodes. They quit their jobs as educators to focus on the restaurant. Now that they’ve successfully launched two locations, they’re ready to return to teaching. If you’re a school district looking for a couple excellent teachers, give Anthony and Cary a call.
  4. The original Rusty Bucket rose from the ashes of a beat up West Side mechanic shop. The ‘09 location is in an old gas station (like all BBQ joints these days).
  5. Seating inside is limited, but they do have the coolest plastic utensil dispenser. The flies outside were annoying.
  6. The meat (and everything else) is cooked in a pit. And we mean everything: from the creamed corn to the cobbler.
  7. The beef jerky is good, but we wish it came in smaller portions.
  8. It’s about time convenience stores update their computer systems so they don’t have to close for a half-hour every night.
  9. Be careful pouring on the BBQ sauce. It’s not molasses-based, so it may be much thinner than you expect.
  10. At one time people used to actually buy what they called a “newspaper” to read about old news.

Rusty Bucket BBQ

6421 Broadway
San Antonio TX 78209

600 Cupples Rd.
San Antonio TX 78237

Got a recommendation, question, or maybe want to join us for lunch? Drop us an email at

-Jerrod and Bob


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