Adventure Lunch – Checkers Diner

After being denied the opportunity to have chicken and waffles, your Lunchfotainment professionals Bob and Jerrod found themselves at Checkers Diner in this week’s episode of Adventure Lunch.

Here are 10 things we learned…

  1. The grilled chick Acapulco is fantastic – and may even be healthy.
  2. If the wheels on your lawn mower are at different heights, you can cut some pretty interesting designs in your grass.
  3. Browned, crunchy mac & cheese is the best. If you know of a great place for mac & cheese and/or hash browns, please let us know.
  4. Working hypothesis of the break-up of the burgeoning Checkers/410 Diner dynasty: A huge falling out over perfecting the cheese cake.
  5. J’s Chicken & Waffles is now only open on weekends. Also, according to Molly, they serve chicken and waffles at LePeep.
  6. Tanji Patton stole the recipe for Sonora Casserole and posted it online
  7. If you leave “The Secret” as a tip, the waitress will never forget you.
  8. The mean lady keeps coming back to Checkers, and she always apologizes for being mean afterward.
  9. Jerrod has an uncanny knack for winning those weird crane games.
  10. If you want to sponsor our show, Bob will consume your product while Jerrod disses it.

Checkers Diner
13835 Nacogdoches
San Antonio, TX 78217
(210) 651-1990

Got a recommendation, question, or maybe want to join us for lunch? Drop us an email at

-Jerrod & Bob


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